Go beyond the data, with insights that matter.

You’ve got a vast amount of data at your fingertips. But do you know what it’s telling you? See how to turn data into novel, credible, and actionable insights with helpful tools and solutions from Google.


  • Category

    Category insights

    Uncover the trends impacting your business.

    Understand the trends shaping your industry — so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

    Nest: Smart Homes

    See how Nest uses Google Consumer Surveys to bring innovation to an overlooked category.

  • Consumer

    Consumer Insights

    Gain a deeper understanding of your consumers.

    Winning new consumers begins with truly understanding what drives them. What do they care about? What influences their behavior? By understanding their passions, you can create content that connects.

    ZenithOptimedia UK: The Payday Effect

    See how Google Consumer Surveys helped ZenithOptimedia UK turn a hypothesis about the ‘payday effect’ into an effective media strategy.

  • Brand

    Brand Insights

    Tap into your brand’s full potential.

    A brand is defined by many things, but none are as important as how your consumers perceive it. Discover new opportunities by gaining a deeper understanding of your brand’s equity.

    Budweiser: Puppy Love

    See how Budweiser used insights gained from Google Trends to double their earned views for their Super Bowl commercial.

  • Content

    Content insights

    Create content that connects.

    Design content that engages your consumers by understanding what resonates today — and what may be relevant tomorrow.

    L’Oreal: Seasonal Search Trends

    See how L’Oreal leveraged an insight about the seasonality of makeup trends to create relevant tutorials and how-to videos.


Think with Google

Think with Google

Fuel your thinking with ideas from Google.

Big ideas, compelling data, and creative innovation for marketers of all shapes and sizes.

  • Inspirations and insights rooted in the latest consumer trends.
  • Learn how leading brands turn insights into action.
  • Explore marketing research, trends, and success stories in your industry.
  • See how marketers adapt content to drive deeper connections.

Fashion Trends for Spring 2015, as told by Google Data

Consumers turn to Google Search in the moments that matter when it comes to fashion, giving us a glimpse into the latest up-and-coming trends… Read more

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