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Validating data-driven attribution.

Attribution 360's data-driven attribution methodology is validated by lift analysis best practices to provide the most accurate insights possible.

Attribution is an intensive data-modeling exercise. Many complex components — including the finer points of the attribution methodology and algorithmic model — must come together in order to reveal attribution insights.

At this level of data complexity and granularity, how can you be sure that the data model used to produce attribution insights is correct?

Look for real lift.

On top of Attribution 360's data-driven attribution methodology, our second-to-none validation process ensures accuracy. Our validation approach systematically compares conversion rates with and without key touch points to reveal the true value, or “lift” each provides along the way.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn:

  • Key attributes of a data-driven attribution model
  • How “lift analysis” is critical in validating attribution models
  • Real-world results of Attribution 360's validation approach
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Attribution 360's methodology and validation.

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