Smarter models for stronger marketing.

Today’s marketing mixes are more complicated than ever. That’s why the Google Marketing Mix Model Partner program helps marketers clearly understand which channels and tactics are truly driving ROI.

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“The ability to collect and analyze digital data at extremely granular levels enables both marketers and their advertising partners to more successfully... achieve their business objectives.”
Patrick Cummings - CEO of Marketing Management Analytics

Marketing Mix Model Partner Program

A powerful mix of data and expertise.

With more marketing opportunities available than ever, advertisers need to know which channels are worth the investment, and how to make the most of their budgets across multiple brands, channels, and regions.

Enter the Google Marketing Mix Model Partner program. It helps advertisers understand the ROI of their investments, so they can improve what’s working and fix what’s not. It also helps marketing agencies better incorporate Google data and insights into their services, by offering them better data, helpful resources, and personalized support.

The result? More accurate, more efficient, more actionable marketing mix models.

Better Data

Get easy-to-read reports featuring accurate, granular performance data covering your Google video, display, and search campaigns.

Helpful Resources

Dedicated training, resources, and specialists help you accurately incorporate digital performance data into traditional marketing mix models, and get a better understanding of Google ad products.

Personalized Support

Google’s account and technical teams help you understand what’s driving your ROI, and how to improve returns over time.

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